Reducing postnatal overwhelm is possible.




Five days to discover harmonious ways to transition into motherhood.


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🤰🏽 Explore helpful strategies to prepare yourself physically, mentally and spiritually for motherhood.

🤰🏽 Find that blissful middle ground to adapt to and embrace change.

🤰🏽 Discover gentle yet effective ways to consciously move the body and be in harmony with mind and soul.

🤰🏽 Tune into your inner wisdom and discover a mindful approach to pregnancy.

If you:

👉🏽 want to stay strong and flexible, but you need to move more in tune with the stage you are in, embracing the physical, mental and spiritual transformations.

👉🏽 are attentive to the milestones and enjoy every stage of your pregnancy, but sometimes you feel anxious about the pregnancy and fear the birth.

👉🏽 wonder how you'll cope with this great new responsibility and the challenges in your life after having your baby.

Practice in the comfort of your home!

BBB Day 2

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5 prenatal yoga videos

Learn how to breathe and move with short, gentle practices designed specifically to meet the needs of pregnant people in a holistic way.

A fillable postpartum plan

Once the baby arrives it can be hard not to become overwhelmed. This downloadable file will help you think ahead and get ready.

A fillable contact list

Download and complete this useful contact list of professionals and services to have at hand when you need them.

Accountability emails

For five days you will receive an email a day to inspire you, keep you motivated and help you establish a healthy habit that will support you also after birth and beyond.

Not sure about joining this yoga series? I've got a story for you...

In 2015, when I became pregnant for the first time, as well as feeling happy and in awe of our bodies' ability to beget life, I also experienced anxiety and fear as I realised that I had set in motion a process over the outcome of which I had no control.
All I knew was that my lifestyle, my relationship and my body were going to change forever, and part of me had a hard time letting go and accepting that transformation.

Indeed, becoming a parent and its challenges shook me to the core. 
Along the way I realised that the best way to face the demands of motherhood is to start with yourself: to nurture your own body, mind and spirit and to find balance so that you can care for others.

I've seen what works — and I'd love to share it with you.

So... are you in?